08 May 2015

I Must Have Fallen Down The Stairs

Microsoft was right to treat me this way...

Crispy was set to run updates automatically.

Then she started rebooting at random.

Turns out it was Windows Update attempting to install a Critical Cumulative Security Update to Internet Explorer 11.


I don't even USE IE.  But I've learned from my adventures with Bootcamp on The Beast that if you ever need to manually download a patch from MS, you have to use their browser.

First thing was to set the updates to "inform and ask" instead of "have your way with me".

Next was to check the update history where I noticed the same patch kept failing.

Googling the patch number led me to several missteps and finally to MS's own site where I got instructions on checking to see if the patch had actually installed, but was not reporting success.  It had, it wasn't.  Now I can safely ignore this patch while they come up with a fix for the reporting.

Anglave is constantly amazed at my poor luck with updates and patches.

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