28 May 2015

Suspension Of Disbelief

You can accept that there's still plenty of smokeless ammunition, abundant enough fuel to waste on a flamethrower, TIRES!, and there's still enough of everything else an internal combustion engine needs to keep running in a desert...

But it's the women doing anything a man has ever done is where your suspension of disbelief flies off the rails?


What next, Star Wars is a feminist manifesto because Leia choked Jabba to death?  You must really hate Star Wars, Leia was helping to fly the Falcon (and doing a good job too) in all three movies!

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  1. I saw that and couldn't help but compare it as described, by people who haven't actually yet seen it themselves, and the ads. The ads show tons of explosions, and a bunch of women in a VERY pitched struggle to survive, fighting to avoid going back into sex slavery (which is a fantastic motivator). They're also doing so almost exclusively with guns and cars it seems, rather than Waif Fu, both of which don't really give a damn where your dangly parts are located (Hence the whole reason we in the gun community are constantly recommending them to people, particularly women). I recall something a while ago when Boko Haram was on its genocide-and-sex-slavery kick and the ladies of the town sent them packing with the equalizing power of Dakka.


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