05 May 2015

¡Happy Cinco de Mosin!

Top to bottom:

Hanna, a Finnish Kivääri 1928-30 made in 1936 by SAKO for the Suojeluskuntian Ylieskunta (Civil Guard or SK.Y) with a 1915 Tula hex receiver.
Martta, a Finnish Kivääri 1939 made in 1941 by SAKO for the Suomen Armeija (Finnish Army or SA) with a 1916 Tula hex receiver.
Katerina, a Soviet M91/30 made from an M1891 with a 1922 Izhevsk barrel and 1893 Chatellerault hex receiver.
Tatyana, a Soviet M91/30 made new by Izhevsk in 1941 with a low-wall round receiver.
Lei, a Chinese Type 53 Carbine made in 1954 by Arsenal 296 with a low-wall round receiver.

Happy Birthday Sergei Ivanovich Mosin!

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