28 May 2015

Rand Says Republicans 'Created' ISIS

First, just to get it out of the way...  The apple ne'er falls far from the tree.

Second, just because the "Republican Hawks" were wrong about how to intervene, it doesn't make non-intervention the right thing to do.

Sadly, and especially if Paul is correct, we're involved and doing nothing is not an option.  Sorry.

The decision to become involved happened while "the greatest generation" was still in charge.  It was compounded by whom we supported based more on their opposition to the Soviet Union than their agreement with or similarity to us.

This IS our festering sore and we really are morally obligated to fix what our grandparents started breaking and our parents ground into dust.

We cannot put it back the way it was.

We could probably make it better than it is, and likely better than it was.  But we'd have to go imperial and colonial to do it and be willing to tell the world that we don't give a shit about native majority rule until the native majorities can think like Americans rather than as diverse and disparate tribes.

It will take blood sweat and tears.  It will take a multi-generational commitment.

It will take not only saying that our culture, western civilization, is superior to the theocratic tribal culture we intend to not only supplant, but destroy; but to go out and supplant and destroy it.  Utterly and without remorse.

If we created this monster, Mr Paul, we ARE obligated to destroy it.  Utterly and fully.

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