30 May 2015

A Matter Of Policy

A couple of people have been baffled at my refusal to pay for seeing the new Mad Max movie over Eve Ensler's involvement.

It is not the outcome of her involvement that bothers me, from all accounts it's a spectacular Mad Max movie.

The reason she was brought on set to consult isn't the problem.  I am pretty sure she knows the subject matter they hired her to relate to the actors.

It's that she was personally rude to me, in person.

I don't shop where the employees are or have been pricks.  I don't shop where I recognize an employee who's been a prick to me at another store.

That's it.

Same reason I don't bother with Buffalo Wild Wings.  Worst service I've ever had and record setting bad resolution effort by the manager followed by a "sorry you didn't like the assholes we hired but we're not going to do anything but send you this email saying we're sorry you're upset rather than actually try to be contrite about it" email.

Same reason I stopped shopping at "Mr Paranoia's" gun shop in Huxley, Iowa (now defunct).

Same reason that certain bloggers will likely not be buying a Taurus any time soon...

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