08 May 2015

Carbine Class

Saw one advertised on Arfcom.

They mention all the classes you should have had before you could sign up for this one as prerequisites.

I can take the recommended classes or buy a new car.


The odds that I'll need the car are much higher than needing anything they teach in the class.

Times like this is when I realize that while I am managing to pay my bills, I am by no means rich.

OK, it's not quite that bad...

But the ammo adds up fast.

You need to take the advanced versions of both handgun and carbine ($200 each), which have the basic versions as prerequisites ($150 each).  500 rounds of ammo per gun per class for a total of 2,000.

Once you clear the prerequisites class itself is $400 and you're going to need 1,000 rounds of carbine and 400 for your handgun.

Never mind all the tactical gear for carrying the guns and ammo during the classes.

Then travel and lodging...

For what?

I still am grappling with what niche these classes fill.  Get me ready for warre?

Willard just giggles when he watches the videos these places put on YouTube to drum up business.

I've been to war.  It's not even remotely like anything I've seen in any class I've ever taken.  I did feel very prepared for the carbine version of IPSC though.  Some of what I learned did come in handy at a three gun match I attended where my times could have been clocked on a sundial.  I timed out on all three heats, but they let me finish the last stages just to see how long it took me to limp through it.

Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch.

But what I learned in those classes that applied to three gun would also have came from just attending a couple more matches.  My performance is more affected by my gimpy leg than lack of shooting skills, thankfully; but should warre come I'm going to have to play pillbox because I can't run and gun.


  1. I'm going to EAG's Carbine 1 on Monday.

    It's okay, you didn't hurt my feelings. :)

    1. Unlike the course I am complaining about, the one you're taking says what it's trying to teach you.

      I am a little confused by EAG's "You MUST have a Tactical Sling. A tac sling works best, but any sling will do. Carry straps/Parade slings will not be permitted!" Would a USGI M1 sling be OK? Silent sling? Or are we talking about the expensive stuff like Vickers or Magpul?

    2. I dunno. Ask Pat; he's on Facebook and around some of the gun fora. His dojo, his rules.

    3. (I would ass-u-me that it's one that will aoow the carbine to hang slung in front of you when you let go. IOW: A sling for a carbine being like a holster for a handgun: Something that allows you to let go of the gun and use both hands if necessary without muzzling a bunch of people trying to get it slung. That's why I use "tactical" slings.)

    4. The "expensive" stuff! The way he phrased it was confusing to me.

      I've got a Magpul sling that I rather like for the guns that aren't historical clones. Although I learned the hard way not to just drop the rifle to let it swing... I needed the dog to translate because my voice was a "bit" higher after that mistake.

      I'm also a bit amused that Appleseed kind of insists on the old style M1 slings or even the older leather ones.


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