20 May 2015


Sometimes it's easier to get a point across if you can find a good analogy for the situation.

Would you tolerate a butler who complained that it was harder to answer the door after you installed a new lock?  Would you keep them on if they continually spoke to your spouse about the lock and how it made their job harder?

Why are we OK with organizations who represent the cops going to the capitol and lobbying against anything we've demanded from our congress?

What I want from the police is to arrest law-breakers without messing with my life.  I don't care if their job is made difficult by working around me.  Especially since, last time I checked we weren't shanghaiing people and forcing them to be cops.

I want to carry (legally) on campus.  I want to (legally) carry openly.  My reasons for wanting to are not nefarious; if they were then the legality wouldn't really matter, would it?

I want the police to butt the hell out of the process of getting my congress critters to do their job and represent my wishes.  If an individual cop wants to oppose these things, then he can oppose them just like I would, as an individual and on their time off.  In all fairness, this is where cops who are supporting open and campus carry are left out in the cold to do because their professional representation doesn't actually represent them well.

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