07 May 2015

Oh Shit

It just hit me.

The epic raping that Lockheed/Martin is giving the taxpayers on F-35 is revenge.

And we had it coming.

Lockheed, on their own dime, had developed the Starfighter and wanted to sell it despite just tepid interest from the USAF.

There was lots of foreign interest, but to do business in some of these nations, the rails needed to be greased with bribes.

When it was discovered that Lockheed had bribed some foreign military officers and government officials in a manner that was clearly illegal if they'd been American military officers and public officials the shit hit the fan and a law was passed to make such illegal.

In a nutshell if you couldn't do it at home, you couldn't do it in Vegas West Germany.

I have to wonder how many sales were cratered by this law.  In adjusted dollars, is Lockheed merely breaking even on those lost sales?

I sit here waiting for Northrop/Grumman's revenge for A-12A (especially since they've had the wound salted with the way A-6F and Tomcat procurement and upgrades were dismissed out of hand).

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