30 May 2015

Still Truckin'

I bought the very first red-dot sight I ever encountered.

An Aimpoint 1000.

I put it on my Mini-14 in a B-Square mount.

It lived on the never fired Bushmaster M-17S FuzzyGeff owned for a while.

It resided on Marv's first AR for a brief period as well.

It's still in service on The Lovely Harvey's 10/22.

I did not have the five hands needed to get a good picture of the dot...

Every once and a while I get asked why I say you should buy once, cry once: this is it.  It's been around for about 23 years and it still works.  The only other electronic item I still have from around this age is my boom-box that sits in the garage.  I am not certain that it still works...  Update: It's still a radio, the CD player is kaput.  Dunno about the cassette players, they still spin but I don't have any tapes left to put in them.

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