08 September 2005

Oh Boo Hoo

Dead Link To CNN
Yaaaaay! Finally!

The entire purpose of having your photo on an a driver's license is for IDENTIFICATION. Hiding behind a mask thwarts that purpose.

If your religion is so restrictive that a photo cannot be taken of your face for a driver's license, then I say your religion is requiring YOU to not drive. Take it up with God and ask him to change his silly laws. There are places on the planet where she will not be required to show her face for a license, because women are not allowed to drive there. All she has to do here, is OBEY THE LAW.

I grow weary of the colonization efforts of Islam and Mexico. I do not hate immigrants. You want to move here and become an American, WELCOME CITIZEN! If you wish to remain a Mexican, welcome tourist (leave your money and go home) or don't come at all. And honestly, we'll probibly be moving the job you came here for to your home country anyway...

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