05 September 2005

OK I Lied But I Will Be Posting Meaner Now

I am through repeating myself here.

I will say this one last time.

President Bush could not have gotten help there any faster than he did.

The Mayor of New Orleans (a Democrat) and the Governor of Louisiana (a Democrat) could have. But they delayed asking for the assistance. Yes, they have to ask for aid. They could also have approved funding from local sources to improve the levy system. Who is more likely to need that levy to work? The people of New Orleans or my mother in New Mexico?

Even with that delay, aid began to move within three days. That is six days faster than Hurricane Andrew. And infinitely faster than the Galveston hurricane (where no federal aid was even available).

President Bush is not responsible for the weather. Try to remember that the Senate didn't ratify the Kyoto treaty when President Clinton was chomping at the bit to sign it. Former President Clinton has come out and said that HE could not have gotten aid there any faster!

Congress is more to blame for no federal money going to those levies than the president. Learn how our government works!

The money that New Orleans wanted to spend was available locally. They didn't spend it on levies, they spent it on a world trade center. I'm sure there are other examples of money that, in hindsight, should have been spent on levies.

The true people to blame for this disaster is the people of New Orleans. It's their fault for building below sea level in a hurricane corridor. It's their fault for not spending their own money on ensuring that the levies would survive any conceivable storm. Being the ones most affected by said storm it was their repsonsiblity first. It is not like New Orleans did not have the money to make sure those levies were up to snuff, they chose to spend it on other things. It is not the job of the federal governemnt to protect you from your own stupid decisions.

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