31 August 2008

More Mundane Matters

This week has been an assault of minor irritations from failing appliances.

The livingroom converter box for the Dish is no longer locking onto Sat 119 reliably. I called their tech support line and got them to send out a tech. Said tech called Thursday at 9:10 in the 8-12 window and flat stated they weren't coming out until Monday morning. Labor Day. Wanna bet nobody shows?

The drier that The Lovely Harvey bought used in 1988 when she first moved down here finally failed in a way I couldn't fix. There's a sheet metal duct that is completely clogged, I can't get it out of the machine to clean it. This is making us run the drier for 3-4 cycles just to get the clothes dry. This problem is fixed, I bought a refurbed drier from the place up the road. Not only does the new one work its auto-dry function works, unlike the old one.

Today the damn DSL quit. The status light indicated that the problem was upstream from the "line in" to the modem. That normally means the pole outside has a fault. For the first time The Lovely Harvey got to witness me dealing with Verizon's DSL morons in Calcutta. She thought I was extremely rude until she heard me say, "Dial tone? I am talking to you on the line that the DSL is plugged into, how can there be a dial-tone?" She asked, "Were all of the stuff they wanted you to check that dumb?" After I got them to schedule a tech for Tuesday, we discovered that the line splitter had failed. I'll play dumb with the tech and ask him to check for water in the pole. This is an epic fail for customer support from Verizon. They need to train their techs that someone is going to be upset about their internet being off for no reason. They need to hire people who speak English as a first language, or at least can converse idiomatically. The trouble-shooting procedure is first done while you are still talking to the robot. Then the tech in Calcutta wants you to repeat all those steps. Then he adds several steps and refuses to answer simple questions like, "why would swapping the line from one end to the other help?"

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