29 August 2008

They've Picked Veeps

The candidates have picked their running partners.

We're back to racist and sexist again... I kid.

I was pretty firmly not an Obama voter already. But he picked Joe AWBiden. Joe's on the list of "must get rid of the traitor" list.

I'm not all that excited about McCain, the best I can do is "better than Obama". Come to think of it, that's what I thought about Bush Jr; look how that's turned out. Well, maybe not as bad as it could have been. If Gore or Kerry had been picking USSC justices, we prolly wouldn't have gotten Heller.

As old and decrepit as McCain is, we might just get our first female president (if he's elected).

I will predict, not endorse, that if we get a President Obama, we will also get a President Biden before 2012. Someone is going to get stupid, and I think there's enough stupid that someone will also get "lucky". Even though I don't like him, someone shooting him would set what little gains the pro-gun side has made in the last ten years evaporate like they never were.

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