31 August 2008

The Subject Has Come Up With The Selection Of Palin


Talk about a sticky wicket.

I do not oppose abortions. I have never felt that abortion was murder. The line in the sand there is primarily religious and I am not a member of a religion that feels that life begins at conception.

I am more inclined to believe it's a human when it starts paying its own rent...(I kid!) But it's a child when it's breathing on its own.

I am getting very sick of the militant, "RIGHT TO CHOOSE!" screaming getting shoved up my nose. Fuck you, bitch, I agree with you, now go yell at someone else for a while! Jeebus! All these unpleasant encounters do is get me to thinking.

My conclusion is that Ms Righttochoose should have chosen to exercise her right to not fuck. Ain't getting no babies without fuckin. Abortion is a non-issue of there's no unwanted pregnancy. Can't get pregnant if you don't have sex. I KNOW that this basic biological fact about mammals was covered in High School Health Class. One could take the position that, yes, you have the right to control your own body but the decision point was when you allowed penetration and is not when you discover you are pregnant.

Please note, I think that Ms Righttochoose SHOULD have chosen abstinence, not that she MUST and after first hand experience with the results of watching the uncontrolled breeding of the Shitheels (and watching my total tax contribution going into their pockets), I don't want anyone who cannot mentally or financially handle being a parent to have a child. If it takes abortion to stop things like Shitheels, then kill all you want.

My position tends to make me unwelcome with conservatives. Too many people assume that because I am pro-gun that I am also all-in on being a conservative. Um, nope.

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