20 August 2011

First Amendment Rights.

In a nut shell, they are the right to say any gorram thing I want without fear the government will come an arrest me for saying it.

With political correctness, sexual harassment and hate crimes; we don't have much of this right left, huh?

The above are violations of the first amendment, they are keeping me from saying what I would like to say.  I cannot say those things anywhere where someone may be offended.

Refusing to link to a web site is not infringing on someone's right to say something.  They can still say it.

The first amendment is all about being able SAY what you want.  It gives no guarantees that anyone will listen or take what you say to heart.  It does not require that I tell people you've said things and where to find what you have said.

Here's your link, Bob.  Just so you can't say you were black-listed.

When I first started this blog I was a reader.  Weer'd told me the place was anti-gun.  I honestly didn't understand what he was talking about for a long, long time.  Then I heard a faint whistling noise.  Mr Farago is dog whistling pretty damn hard over there.  If you are cued to hear it, it's pretty blatant; if not you're like I was and just see the face value.  Obvious once it's pointed out really.  Weer'd has the examples that will tune your ear, so I will let him!

The first amendment doesn't let you steal others words.  Most of us bloggers will let you use them, but you have to give attribution, preferably a link to the original post.  Best practices is to quote a paragraph at your page and then make it a link to the original post, with a h/t to under it.  "They don't link to me!" is not a positive defense!

This is a place for ME to say what I want.  It is not a place for others to say what they want, but I have a pretty liberal comments policy.  I will allow debate, even if I am not very good at it.  I do have one caveat about comments, if your comment is longer than the post you are replying to and/or it contains scores of supporting links and data: you need to start your own blog because you clearly have something to say.  Your privilege to comment can be revoked for any and no reason without warning; because this is mine not yours.  I reserve the right to delete comments and posts, but I don't care for memory hole tactics.

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  1. I gave him a link yesterday - he followed it back to my blog and left a whiny comment. Screw him.


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