13 June 2012

Guns Are Completely Banned In Russia

Read this.

Quote: "The first-time owner must also obtain a medical certification that he or she does not have any disqualifying conditions, such as mental illness or alcoholism."

Alcoholism is a disqualifying condition in Russia for owning a firearm.

What exactly gets you called an alcoholic in Russia?  Distilling the vodka into a more pure form of super alcohol?


  1. I think that's pretty much like prohibiting anyone with more than one hair in the US.

  2. Not really. :)
    That means, that someone, regularly been prosecuted for DUI, disorderly conduct or something like this.
    So, this person must be listed in narcology as "addict". But to get to the list - you have to be really a gone man.
    Distilling vodka - is almost national sport. The distillate has a lot of names: nastoika, samogon, pervach, etc.


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