20 June 2012

My How It Burns

I recently stumbled back across Man Conquers Space.

Their main page has trailers.  With a timeline.

The tagline at the end of one of the trailers is, "Not a true story.  But it could have been..."

Oh the burning rage at that!  Not only could it have been, it SHOULD have been.

Gods DAMN you Lyndon Baines Johnson for your budget devouring "Great Society".  Also damn you and your successor Richard Milhous Nixon for cementing the impression that space exploration was something that only governments did or could afford to do.

But most of all Gods DAMN NASA for leaching the talent and consuming the funds to get us no further than Godsdamned Skylab for the last forty fucking years.

Damn you all and may you burn in the fires of the Nine Hells.

Space was the very first place where I noticed that government is a hinderance not an enabler.  Yes, there are things that cannot be started unless a nation state-like level of wealth and power is applied to them, but once started the state must leave or it will die.

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