10 June 2012

A Mild Bit Of Excitement

0430 Saturday morning we got a visit from a Sheriff's Deputy.

There's water in the phone lines and our line apparently dialed 911 and disconnected.  The same water is preventing anyone from calling the house phone.  Joy.

The Lovely Harvey comes running into where I was head-banging with my headphones on and says, ".........................................!" which I don't hear because I have headphones on.

Taking them off I hear the third repetition, "There's someone ringing the doorbell!"  So I grab Kaylee, chamber a round and head for the door.  I look out the peep and there's Deputy Friendly.  Saying, to Harvey, but too loud, "Honey, I just answered the door with a gun and it's the cops!"

Putting the gun around the corner of the couch, I open the door and get the story.

Looks like a call to Verizon is in my future.

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