27 June 2012

Sorry, Wrong Addy

It has been posited that it is someone's own damn fault for living in the wrong neighborhood when the po-po get the wrong address and kick down your door instead of Señor Potgrower's next door.

It has also been put forth that the Potgrowers Association of America Norte will sow fields even in good neighborhoods.

Basically this means that there's no moving away from the grow-house / meth lab.

What is a law abiding citizen to do then?

I've got something that I haven't seen talked about.  Do some of these commentators think we didn't notice Señor Potgrower's entry into our neighborhood?  Do they think we did not call the police about all the various and numerous violations of code and law?

What did the cops do?







That thing you saw with your own eyes?  Hearsay.

You really say you saw it?  Well, they weren't doing it when I got here. (Aside: this leads me to believe that as long as a cop doesn't actually witness a crime then no crime is committed.  "How could he have been murdered, officer, you didn't SEE him alive did you?")

This sort of shit does the lather-rinse-repeat until SOMEONE finally decides to bust the grow house (almost certainly because one of his buddies or competitors is doing a plea) and then the cops find the address on their own rather than calling Dominoes and following the delivery driver in.

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