24 June 2012

Poignées Pour Le Pistolet Et Le Revolver

Yesterday I decided I needed a drive and there was a gun show in Fort Meyers.

Not too crowded because of the rain.

I scored some Hogue stocks for my Colt Detective Special.

It's a big improvement over the wooden stocks in both appearance and feel (Colt does some damn shiny blue don't they?).

The old stocks had been abused, victims of neglect and improper reassembly.  I liked the wood stocks fine for looks and they were OK for feel, but they were falling apart and replacements for a '73 model Detective Special are, shall we say, rare collectables.  There's lots of support for the earlier generations, the last iteration is kind of a red-headed step child.

Next at the show I acquired a lower parts kit in anticipation for the conclusion of a group purchase from the Arfcom Florida Home Team Forum.  We've managed to convince Spike's Tactical to sell us stripped lower receivers with a Florida state outline in place of their more normal spider logo.  CMMG brand LPK for those scoring at home.  My other choices at the show were DPMS and the guy who has all the little pieces and parts.

The LPK came with the ubiquitous A2 pistol grip.  Anyone who builds a couple of AR's ends up with a few of these things laying around (either because they used something like a Magpul grip or went retro or both).  The CMMG grip is noticeably smaller than others in the parts bin.  So far the best feeling A2 grip I have a genuine Colt take-off.  It's the meter I judge the others by.  It's a little wider and a touch longer and fills the hand better.  The pistol grips that came with my Del-Ton kits back in 2007 match pretty well.  DPMS is next closest.  Anvil Arms and CMMG both included this smaller thing.

I think I may take the Colt off Kaylee, apply it to the new build and put an A1 back on.


Brownells sells a genuine Colt A2 pistol grip for a mere $15.  This is one item where I think Colt might be worth the extra money if you want to have an A2 type grip.

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