27 June 2012

The Problem

The problem in American politics is we no longer judge on the thing.  We judge on who holds office during the thing.

If we're ever going to make headway we need to decide about if we want a thing or not and realize that it doesn't matter who is running it as long as it gets done.

We gunnies are already there.  We don't care who is advocating gun control, we don't want it.

The liberals aren't there yet.  Bush in Afghanistan = BAD.  Obama in Afghanistan = GOOD.  Identical policies, different response.

The what matters more than the who and it's time to remember that.


Turns out I was just channeling The Smallest Minority.

You see, there are three groups involved in this Cold Civil War: the political Left, which is heavily engaged; the political Right, which hasn't recognized it as a war for the soul of the nation, and (I would hazard to guess) the Tea Party people who finally have. This isn't a blanket statement, there are surely people on the political Left (the useful idiots) who don't understand what "fundamentally transforming" the nation really means. There are those few on the political Right who do understand what it is, and there are Tea Party members who are completely clueless other than understanding that something is very, very wrong.

Then there's the overwhelming majority of the population that just wants to know when the next episode of Jersey Shore will air.

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