06 May 2015

But But But The Narrative!

Tam, dear Tam...

Don't you know we need to panic to wear ourselves out so we can sleep?

And Weaponsman, we're infrared rational here!

Kidding aside...

I remember seeing a photo back in the Usenet days...

It was a train loaded with M113A2's someplace in the desert being used as evidence that the UN was establishing camps in the US using foreign troops...

Well, they were foreign M113A2 alright.  Canadian.  Canada occasionally uses (used?) the National Training Center out of Ft Irwin, California to train.  Why?  Because our OpFor is epic!  I've seen Bundeswher Leopards on trains heading there before.

FEMA camps are just the new flavor for the conspiracy narrative that used to be UN based.

For fucks sake, if this really was the harbinger of the gubmint takeover of the US, would they have announced it?

Related to the trainloads of M113...  More recently I saw a similar trainload of them.  The caption where I first found the pic was all evol gubmint conspiracy; but the real explanation was they were on the train headed to a depot to be rebuilt.  How did I know to look further?  No two matching bumper unit numbers and an astonishing variety of camouflage.

A used M113 is a valuable item to be used for foreign military sales, and they've been actively phasing them out of the US Army inventory since I was in the military, (FUCK!) nearly thirty years ago.

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