24 May 2015

Close Enough

The rear sight of the Kiv/91 was originally marked in hundreds of arshini as you can see above.

Finland engraved new markings in hundreds meters and added a new notch for 200m.

You can tell that precision range estimation in the early 20th century isn't exactly precise...

400 arshini is 284.48m.
600 arshini is 426.72m.
800 arshini is 568.96m.
1,000 arshini is 711.20m.
1,200 arshini is 853.44m.

I've found nothing to indicate they recut the groves to make them come out correctly for meters.

I've also found nothing to indicate that being off by as much as the sights are matters in actual combat.  It's worth noting that they didn't re-mark the 1,300-3,200 arshini markings on the underside of the flip-up sight.  Someone probably noticed that hardly anyone took shots at those ranges.

Even renowned WW2 snipers racked up their kills at what seems today like incredibly short distances.

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