10 May 2015

Didja Know

The V in VKT doesn't mean Valmet?

VKT stands for Valtion Kivääritehdas or State Rifle Factory.  Kivääri is Finnish for rifle, by the way.

Valmet comes from Valtion Metallitehaat or State Metalworks.

VKT was absorbed by Valmet in a 1951 merger.

Likewise the T in VKT has nothing to do with Tikka.

Tikka was a brand name of Oy Tikkakoski Ab and was absorbed by SAKO in 1983.

Speaking of SAKO...  SAKO is an acronym for Suojeluskuntain Ase ja Konepaja Oy or Civil Guard Gun and Machineingworks.

Valmet and SAKO have been merged and separated several times, Nokia (yes the cell phone company) has owned half of SAKO at one time, but Beretta is the present owner.

Also, it's not really Finnish.  They'd say Suomi for the people, language and nation.

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