06 May 2015

Docking Fees

I've got something for Traveller...

I do.

What I am working on that ties into it is a reasonable set of double-talk that allows interstellar electronic banking.

Rather, FuzzyGeff has been given it as a homework assignment, and he keeps making excuses.

Blah blah, have to work.

Blah blah, need to eat.

Blah blah, pay bills.

You know, stuff that doesn't matter in the slightest!

In essence, docking and berthing is handled by starport type and size of ship.

Around busy worlds even the position in orbit is subject to fees, which is why we need a non-cash method of payment that doesn't require the ship to have been to the destination world previously.

In a word, trust, is what is needed for the canon credit transactor to work.

Geff has speculated a situation where the transactors, readers and kiosk units are all supplied by The Imperial Mints, and trust is derived from the same trust that lets cash be used.  He started to explain the encryption double-talk somewhat, but when someone who does calculus in their head tries to explain it to someone who actively drank Jack Daniels until calculus was overwritten...  Yeah.

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