26 May 2015

I Noticed Something

Texas and Florida both have organizations attempting to get carry on campus legalized and to get open carry allowed.

The methods of the Texas folks were roundly condemned as working against the rights of the rest of the gun owning world with their antics.

I cannot help but notice which state has campus carry and which state's senate just passed an open carry bill that just needs reconciled with their house bill and a willing governor's signature.

The other state had campus carry killed by back-room wheeling and dealing where it wasn't given time at a committee by the same people who decided that it had to pass through that committee.

Explain to me again how those Open Carry Texas "fools" make getting these laws passed more difficult, because from where I am sitting it appears that being idiotic dicks about their rights is far more effective in securing those rights.


  1. In December of 2014, I was told that the OC law in Texas was pretty much advanced and had a lot if not all the support needed to be one of the first bills approved in the New Legislative Term. By mid January, the consent was that they had the votes and other than a couple of tweaks, it was ready. Then OCT showed up to play his games followed by the morons of OC Tarrant who killed the bill with their antics, because nothing works better than threatening to kill legislators to advance your cause.
    It took a lot of work by the people that were initially working the bill to have it resurrected. It is not a done deal yet, it has that last step going back to the House and then, hopefully to the Governor;'s desk...but I do want to call attention that we are ending the month of May and the bill that was supposed to be ready in January, still has not made it out of the Texas legislature.

    Florida is taking a different venue: Norman V State. It is not sexy because it does not involve people going to Sbarros carrying SKSs, but it deals with the conflicting notions that even Florida Constitution acknowledges that the 2A is an individual right, courts have been treating the carry of a firearm both openly and concealed as a privilege that can be tightly regulated by the State. The case is now with the Florida Supreme Court.
    Chances of success? no idea.

    1. The tone of the people freaking out from the antics of the OC Tarrant crowd was "now we'll never get anything!" Yet it made it all the way to being passed by both houses and needing to be reconciled before going to a governor who says he'll sign it.

      Here in Florida we've been polite about it and got stabbed in the back by "our" senate leadership AGAIN and it hangs in precarious balance of judges.

      I'm still not seeing how, in the long run, the freaks hurt the cause and how being nice about it helped.

      Being from an engineering background I am way more goals oriented than process. Especially if the process never attains the goals.

  2. "Here in Florida we've been polite about it and got stabbed in the back by "our" senate leadership AGAIN and it hangs in precarious balance of judges."

    Agreed. If this court case does not go well, we will need to get medieval with some folks in the legislature so the rest pay heed.


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