17 May 2015

Modern Example

Link to FoxNews.

If the Air Force does have such a rule then they've issued an order demanding prior restraint on speech.

That particular legal road is very well paved.

You give up a lot of your everyday rights when you serve, but you don't give up the right to worship or the right to believe in your faith.

Him saying that he believes his talent and success come from God isn't proselytizing any more than a football player yelling, "thanks Mom!" after making a goal is a demand that we begin to worship a wide receiver's female parent.

Proselytizing is an active attempt to recruit someone to your religion.

I think the Air Force has issued an unlawful order here.

Also, the people who demand to never even hear about the faith of others are fucking morons.

Cue the What About Islam Dancers and I'll note that those fucking morons are getting their panties in a wad over a Christian's passive attribution of success to his faith while actively ignoring far more egregious active work by Muslims here and abroad.

When I see Freedom From Religion (and like organizations) surrounding a mosque protesting honor killings I will, perhaps, believe that they're not just pure anti-Christian whackos.

PS:  MRFF's STATED target is exactly and explicitly anti-Christian...

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