15 May 2015


If you're paying to see a film, you're paying for more than the film.

Not one cent of my money is going to be spent watching anything Eve Ensler is attached to, especially if it's great.

Better to not see it than to give her any reward at all.


  1. So, they brought a woman who worked with escaped sex slaves on to the set for five days (out of a six-month location shoot) to talk to the actresses who were playing escaped sex slaves about what she'd seen working with escaped sex slaves so they could bring a little more verisimilitude to their parts.


    1. I endured a speech she gave at Iowa State, shortly before I moved to Florida, that convinced me that she thinks I should be gelded merely for possessing a Y chromosome in a manner that made me feel like she hated me personally.

      I've seen nothing that suggests she's changed her mind about that so I'd rather not spend a cent to enrich her even the slightest or people who hire her.

      It's a pity because you and others have reported that it's Teh AWESOME! movie. More than a pity, it sucks. I was really hoping it'd be some feminazi manifesto so I could be happy about my convictions.

    2. It's not that they brought in _A_ woman, it's that they brought in _THAT_ woman.


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