28 May 2015

State Department

HQ: Pentagon.

The Iraqi's won't fight.

There's prolly a myriad of reasons.

I've mentioned, a time or two, that our policy on war should be if we bring the Army, we own it when we're done.

Don't call for help unless you're willing to see what we invade be a US Territory.

I know that WE would fight back against ISIS.

The issue of troops in Iraq is much smaller when it's sovereign US territory too.  There's precedent, we've fought to defend territories before.  Alaska, Hawaii and the Philippines.

Of course I am the sort that would be Hell on the new territory's aboriginal population.  "Welcome to America, here's how you're going to behave.  If you don't, well your great grandchildren will be making casinos or something on the reservation we're going to ship your ass off to."

And I don't give a shit about their culture and heritage because THEIR SHIT GOT SO BAD WE HAD TO SEND THE FUCKING ARMY TO STRAIGHTEN IT OUT!!

Once we send the Army you're going to be Americans or die trying, assholes.

Update:  Do not whine to me about "second class citizenship".  Candidates for the reservations aren't even that far up the ladder.  In the first place, to be a second class citizen, you need to be a citizen.  In the second, by the time I'd send the Army to deal with you I'm OK with eradication as a solution set.  Thank your fuzzy lords you're alive to complain about the conditions at the rez.


  1. Seems as if we will quickly run out of allies if we kill any allie that doesn't want to be American.

    1. I don't think you understand "ally"...

      I don't like that we're up to our ears in foreign entanglements that mostly stem from the meddling of long dead foreign empires.

      We still haven't put all the echos of World War One to bed! The war with Mexico is done though, isn't it, Texas?

      See how that works?


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