27 May 2015

Wait What (Again)

We shouldn't use .40 S&W because it's higher pressure and wears the gun out faster.

The only acceptable 9mm rounds for self defense are +P and we should use them...  despite being higher pressure and wearing the gun faster?

Or did I miss a key phrase again that changes the meaning?


  1. Yes, you have missed the point. If using .40 makes you happy, rock on with it. :)

    1. I use 9x19mm... I'm happy with it. When I was "must begin with a 4" I was a .45 toter. The allure of more shots for the same weight without a real drop in effectiveness (however we're measuring this week) of 9mm is overwhelming. .40 kinda sits betwixt... It wasn't enough when I was into .45 and it's not enough now that I'm into 9mm.

      There's often parallel caliber discussions going on. Had one person talking about how .40 was overpressure and ruined guns then in the same breath said that we should only use +P 9mm, because 9mm isn't overpressure and won't ruin your gun. +P is by definition overpressure...

      Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't +P wear your gun out faster than normal 9x19? Isn't the rate of wear similar to .40? Isn't that amount of wear not really all that much greater?

      I very often forget to give context and links. I also very often don't link on purpose for fear of spreading the insanity.


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