17 June 2012


Hydrogen Hydroxide is deadlier than the LAPD.


  1. I thought it was properly termed Dihydrogen Monoxide?

  2. Nope. The molecule is arranged H-O-H not H-H-O. O-H is hydroxide and found in the wild.

    Is chemistry!

  3. King continued to have documented issues with substance abuse after the trial, and of course was high as a kite when he lead police on the high-speed chase and assaulted officers that night.

    Something tells me it wasn't just "Simple Drowning" any more than Whitney Houston "simply drown" in her bathtub.

  4. 100% of people with substance abuse have ingested hydrogen hydroxide! It's a gateway drug!

  5. It's clearly the work of Solozzo...Rodney King now sleeps with the fishes.

  6. Considering just how much trouble he'd brought down on their brothers' heads, I wouldn't be too surprised to find that the LAPD took their sweet time responding to a call for help from Rodney King's house..."yeah, yeah, we'll get right on it...hey, Mike, pass me those donuts, and Steve, turn the TV on, there's a special I want to catch first..."

  7. i would weep, but i think it's just the chlorine in my eyes.


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