28 June 2012

A Tax

I'll take "Things that aren't in the Constitution for 1000", Alex.

It seems that the government can now give itself powers that it is not delegated as long as they call it a tax.

Hey, boneheaded judges!

The entire fucking point of the objection wasn't that Congress has the power to collect monies to pay for the programs they pass.  It was the constitutionality of the program itself!

Again, you read things that are clearly not there while ignoring things which clearly are.

I'll say it if nobody else will.  You are all senile and that senility is exacerbated by your isolation from being first lawyers then judges for the last several decades.

I cannot wait to see how this new tax power is abused.

Of course, this really is the end result of ignoring the power grab the Supreme Court made way back in 1803.  Their first ruling where they read something that was not there and applied it.

I have been assured that the court was just plan B, but I place no hope on plan A (repeal post election).

I remember the promise of repeal of two onerous laws in the 1994 mid-term elections.  They never were.  One is still law and the other would be had it not had a sunset provision.

And we fiddle while the republic burns.



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