20 March 2013


You might notice that Chevy doesn't make the Vega any more.  Nor the Chevette.  Nor the Cavalier.

Brand names of products that are unliked get changed to that the negative associations with them don't carry on to the *NEW* *IMPROVED* replacement in the line up.

You might notice that Chevy still makes the Suburban and Ford still makes the F-150.  They don't feel that the newer models need to disassociate themselves from the prior offerings.

The National Rifle Association has held that same name since 1871.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (2001) used to be Handgun Control Incorporated (1980) which used to be the National Council to Control Handguns (1974).  Popular things don't need to change their name to disassociate themselves from the negative perceptions of their prospective customers.


  1. Hell, the Chevy Cobalt barely lasted long enough for the first ones to get rusty. The ones with the blower/turbo were fun to beat on, though.

  2. Excellent observation. I also note that Liberals aren't Liberals anymore. Now they are "Progressives."


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