10 December 2014


It's very depressing when you read a line , "The last enemy we fought that even paid lip service to these rulebooks was Nazi Germany, a lifetime ago," and realize that despite the holocaust the FUCKING NAZIS were more civilized about warfare than anyone we've fought since.


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  1. I've made a similar point in conversations before. American troops have almost always fought barbarians. The only exceptions were the British, the Civil War, to some extent the Mexicans, and the Germans. The Indians were barbarians, the Spaniards were barbarians, the Filipinos were barbarians, and the Japanese, North Koreans, Chinese, and North Vietnamese/VC were barbarians. And, of course, so are our present enemies.
    The people I tell this to, usually look at me like I have two heads and tell me I shouldn't use such harsh language about people of other races. (And why do I hate Asians?)
    It's not the people, it's their armies, I say. They can't understand the difference.
    I no longer bother.


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