09 December 2014

Poking Around

In a vain hope of finding The Lovely Harvey's stolen gun, Willard and I canvassed the local gun and pawn shops.

What I have discovered is the used market is awash in M&P40's.  So many that you save about $100 if you're willing to go .40 S&W instead of 9mm.

It seems about even whether they will have the external safety or lock or not.

The local market is not awash in used Glock.

I noticed the shift back to 9mm a bit ago (just after everyone else started talking about it!) and understand why there's lots of used .40's out there.

I wonder if we're seeing more M&P than Glock locally is the much larger number of optional features on the S&W.  Manual safety or not; internal lock or not; magazine disconnect or not... and people discovering they didn't like said feature as much in real life as they thought they would.

With Glock your only options are generational.


  1. If you have the scratch it might not be a bad idea to buy one as M&P40s can be re-barreled in 9x19, and357 SIG.

    If a Swiss Army M&P is something interesting, then that's it!

  2. Getting one means the spare magazine that wasn't stolen can be used in the new gun too since .40 and .357 share the same mag.


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