30 December 2014

Eight Years Of Jeb

I voted for Jeb Bush.  Twice.

I still think he was an outstanding Governor of Florida.

He did an excellent job of balancing the various factions and making a workable state government.

That did mean going against the base on a few issues, of course.

It's odd, but some of the properties that make a good governor I don't think would make a good president.

All of that is secondary to the high pitched whine we can expect from the MSM over a third Bush in office.

I think he was a bit too pragmatic to be allowed the Big Seat.  The unpopular conservative type decisions he made were most often forced, like cutting funding for schools because we have a balanced budget amendment.

I'll give him credit for prioritizing spending, but I don't think he's got the stones to cut funding where he isn't forced to.

And after two Bush presidencies where they didn't really support gun rights at all... I'd rather not risk it.  I want the next person I vote for president to be an enthusiastic gun owner and to wear a III hat to SHOT 2016.

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