25 December 2014


My M&P 9 is the sku 206301.  What that means is it's a 9mm full size with normal sights, no internal lock, no magazine safety with thumb safety.

I got it because the praises sung on them were relentless and the price was rather good.

Marv and Harvey's guns are sku 209301; 9mm full size with normal sights, no internal lock, no magazine safety, no thumb safety.

Immediately after playing with mine Marv is proposing swapping the frames because he likes the peace of mind from having a thumb safety while I, being used to Glock, don't really care one way or another.

Except... I do care.  I didn't know until the moment swapping parts was suggested.  My gun came with a thumb safety, and it shall retain it!  Yes, it's silly.  If the gun I'd found in the pawn shop had no thumb safety, I'd have bought that one.  Heck, I'd have bought it with the internal lock and magazine disconnect (and removed them).

But I find I am passionate about retaining the thumb safety now that I have it.

Turns out Marv wanted a thumb safety enough to order parts as I mentioned here.

I am happy to report that his installation was successful!  And we forgot to take pictures.

The afternoon I got my gun, we immediately tore them apart to compare the guts.  I wanted to make sure I had the large sear return plunger.  We noticed that the sear housing block on both guns appeared to be identical.

Since the safety just blocks the trigger bar from moving and there was a recess for the safety's spring detent; it appeared to be a simple mod.

Remove the plugs from the frame, install the detent and spring in the sear block, install the safety with the block.


I could convert to a no-safety configuration just as simply.  I'd have to buy the little plugs for the frame, $3.10 each for aesthetics reasons.

Harvey's gun is an older version of 209301 with a plug where the internal lock would go and no slots in the frame for the manual safety (and thus no readily removable plugs).  This is because the manual safety wasn't added to the M&P until 2009 and her gun is a 2008.

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