22 February 2015

I Think Your Bias Is Showing

I'm watching a show where a lead character was just revealed to be gay.

The plot of the series is a little convoluted so I was trying to see if something that was mentioned earlier tied into that reveal.

I didn't get definitive confirmation on the plot point but I did find someone who was reviewing the show.

Did you know that the show had nothing worth watching until the reveal of a gay character?

I didn't realize that I wasn't enjoying the story, characters and plot until this last episode because there wasn't a homosexual male lead character.  Wait... I was enjoying this show before this!

I am still enjoying it, actually.  They did the reveal well and it made several things from the first season go click-clunk.  It's a period piece and they handled the situation in a manner consistent with the characters and the period too.  Not bad!

But to base your enjoyment entirely on there being a gay male character is alien to me.

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