24 February 2015

Inside A Star

Star B that is...

The B is often referred to as a 1911 derivative, but there's not much similarity under the skin except for the way the barrel locks and how to field strip it.

They use different styles of extractors.  The Star is external.

The firing pin is retained by a pin that goes up through the slide, under the rear sight.  There's no firing pin stop to remove at the back of the slide.  Should you ever need to access the firing pin, you've got to drift out the rear sight to remove the pin.

On the frame, most people notice there's no grip safety and that the thumb safety can be engaged with the hammer down.  Many also notice that the mainspring housing is integral to the frame and not a separate part.

The trigger mechanism isn't the same either, I took some pictures of it.

The trigger pivots on the pin near the scallop in the upper right, that pushes the dog-legged trigger bar to the rear...

Which presses agains the sear (pointer), which releases the hammer and the gun weapon pistol goes "bang"...

The gun cycles like a typical 1911 so I'll skip that.  The next difference is the disconnector (pointer); when in battery the place the pointer is pointing sits in a recess in the slide...

When the slide moves to the rear, it pushes the disconnector down and that presses the trigger bar out of alignment with the sear.

Once the slide is back in battery, releasing the trigger pushes the disconnector back up into its recess and the trigger bar clicks back into alignment with the sear.

This trigger mechanism is much easier to make than what's in the 1911, which is likely why Star went with it.  In many ways it's a better trigger than what many modern 1911's end up with too.  This example breaks cleanly without any creep at all.  I've still to borrow Marv's trigger scale.


  1. Star didn't waste a lot of time on prettying up those cuts, did they? Yow.

    1. Senor Customer specify function, she function. Senor Customer specify form, she pretty. Maybe Senor Customer no see they separate check boxes when he order?

      I'll get Willard to drag his Super B over and take some pics of its innards, they're VERY pretty there. I think it might really be a case where the customer got what they paid for in the contract and not one smidgen more.


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