28 February 2015

Why Do You Even Have A Web Page

Dear Vendor...

The internet is an amazing tool that allows you to reach your customers in amazing ways.

Stop treating it as an electrified paper catalog!

Potential Customer

How many times have you run into a web page where you have to call during business hours to get a price?  Or worse, have to call to actually order the item?  I won't even discuss the places that expect me to print out their order form and then mail them a check.

It is not 1979 anymore!

This business model is only one step above a web page listing the address and telling me to stop by the brick and mortar location...

OK, when you're open at 3am, when I'm shopping, I will.

PS: That other vendor who has a web page that tells me the price and lets me order with my debit card or paypal?  They got the sale.

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