25 February 2015

Useless Information

I have the flight manual for the USAF F-4C, F-4D and F-4E (10Jan70).

Interesting read.

The odds that I will ever be able to put this information to use are exceedingly slim.

What it will probably be used for is to apply limits to my simulator flying which aren't imposed by the game.

For example, on the F-4C you can jettison the centerline 600 gallon fuel tank if it's got less than 60 gallons in it.  You can jettison it if there's more than 450 gallons in it.  You cannot jettison it if there's between 60 and 450 gallons remaining.

I also learned that there are two different models of centerline tanks.  McDonnell's can be carried at any airspeed the airframe can take.  Royal Jet's is limited to 600 knots indicated airspeed or mach 1.8.

The manual also answers a question about loadouts I'd had before.

The 370 gallon wing tanks are more limited in airspeed and g than the McDonnell centerline.  The USMC and Navy preferred the centerline tank to two wing tanks because of this.  Interestingly, the USAF F-4C had stability problems with the centerline tank that didn't seem to be present with the 85% similar F-4B.

I am starting to wonder if the USAF invested heavily in the Royal Jet tank and the USN in the McDonnell.  Have to find contracts for that information and that requires an IV drip of energy drink while chewing a teabag.


  1. Check the National Archives' military contract database. At last check, you can search back to Fiscal Year 1965.

    1. It looks like the Navy did no business with Royal Jet in the time frames I can search.


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