19 February 2015

Out Of The Thirty Aught Six Business

I decided that I wanted tires for The Precious more than I wanted a Garand.

Turns out that Willard wanted a Garand more than he wanted an unspecified here sum of cash.

Rational self interest on the part of both parties yields an agreeable transaction on all sides.

I enjoyed my time with the M1, but truth be told it went to the range far more often as a "you've never fired a Garand?" than as a "I want to take out MY Garand and go shooting."

I like my FAL a lot better for a .30 caliber battle rifle.


  1. I don't like my FAL. It was OK when it was my only rifle. But now I want a Nice AR-10 sniper rifle*.

    *Meaning it has a tacti-cool pain job and a big-ass scope.

  2. If I was making a sniper rifle I'd likely go with a .308 AR pattern as well. But it's a battle rifle, totally different animal.

  3. "...it went to the range far more often as a "you've never fired a Garand?" than as a "I want to take out MY Garand and go shooting.""

    That's mostly what mine's for. That, and coonfingering while watching Band of Brothers.

  4. I really just want mine as a historical tribute. I think I've put three clips through it, if that.

    I should really just hang it on the wall like a piece of fine art. .


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