04 September 2011

I think you have the causal relationship backwards.


Head gear is banned from that ride.  You refuse to remove your head-scarf because God says not to, it's not the park's problem; it's yours.

Did they make everyone remove their hats?  Yes?  Then it's not discriminating against Moslems.

Did you use this universal policy as an excuse to riot?  Yes?  I think you can stop wondering why there's a general level of distrust from non-moslems about y'all now.

WE just never know when YOU are going to go off violently.  It seems the triggers are random and capricious.  Unpredictable.  Perhaps even malicious.

The reasonable way to handle this is to address park management about how the head-scarf is not a hazard to the rider and that it can be worn safely.  Then get a reassessment of the policy and open up the ride to people who are required by God to wear a head covering.  Likewise, if it's shown that wearing such a headdress will increase the chances of injury and death you should drop it.

It's interesting that you accept that God requires you to wear a particular item of clothing yet don't accept that your piety will also forbid you from activities were such clothing cannot be worn.  It is not the park causing the issue, it's your faith.  God just said, "No coasters because I require you to wear that scarf."

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