23 September 2011


There's an astounding number of videos on YouTube made by Cosplayers set to music.

Most of them are the players lip synching to the song.

It's clear that they are having a great time in most of them.

There's a darker undertone in a segment.  They've all been set to Pink's "Raise Your Glass".

They're depicting the treatment they've gotten from "the mundanes".

Ouch moment.

The person who taught me the phrase, "the mundanes" died recently.  Bill was never mundane.

But the mundane did sneer at us.  Look down on us.  And when it was safe, assaulted us.

I was a gamer geek.  Notice the dice on my background pic?  There are three six siders shown for a reason, do you know what it is?

I was a fringe member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms.  What they do could be considered cosplay in some circles.  Dressing up in a period costume is fun!

I've done a bit of military reinacting too.  WW1 Brit cavalry one year and Scot infantry the next.  It's entirely too much like really being in the army to stay fun for long for me.

I've never been brave enough to put on a sci-fi or fantasy costume and show up at a convention.  I was always the most mundane of my friends.  Being most mundane is not near mundane enough to escape persecution from them though.

I took some beatings.  I took a lot of humiliation.

Now I can handle the latter, mostly through self-depriciation.  The former?  Best have your affairs in order with your Fuzzy Lord; I will NEVER be beaten again.  Count.  On.  It.

I watched those vids and teared up a bit.  I am more like them than the general population; even if I am basically afraid to "come out" and dress up.  I grok what they are saying.

I sometimes think that being picked on for being a gamer geek is why I don't find any animosity towards the LGBA folks (except where their organizations get stupid and go anti-gun).  I've been the outsider; been accused of sinful acts by unreasoning fools.


  1. The name "Weird Beard" was not my chosing, it was given to me. I just altered the spelling. I've always been an odd duck.

    I found out that it stopped hurting once I stopped giving a shit what others thought. Remarkably also when I stopped giving a shit about what others thought, the more people started noting my Weirdness was Cool or admirable to them.

    There are still a bunch of people who don't like me, or look down their nose at me.

    Good for them, I could care less!

    Where it gets sad are the people who identify with being hated or looked down upon and take it as an identity. They often become the most passive-aggressive and selfish jerks on the block.

    As the Toasters say "Don't let the Bastards Grind You Down!"

  2. The video that inspired this was also celebrating their happiness with being different, but I got all in my cups about it and forgot to mention.

    My bad.

    I've often found it odd that among my friends I was often the "normal" one. Now among my wife's peers I am the "weird" one.

  3. Well I think you're cool! Qualifiers be damned!

  4. I've seen few, if any, indications on any of the many blogs I've viewed that the blogger knows both what a gun is and what a microcontroller is.

    To me that doesn't include you or exclude you in any way. You are not a "type of person" because of that any more than you are from the dice. It becomes a point of shared similarities.

    I wish more people would share similarities, than shun differences.


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