28 September 2011

Rebutting a Rebuttal; Kinda...

Eric linked to this on his LiveJournal.

I mostly agree with the Libertarian Enterprise rebuttal.

I do need to take them to task on one small issue.  I got the idea that there were no corporate taxes from them.  Taxes paid by businesses are simply added to the cost of the goods and ultimately the customer pays them.

So anything purchased with tax money is paid for entirely by the customers and not by the business at all. So, in a way, Warren is correct.  She's also wrong, because any taxes that get paid from passing the costs to the customer require that the customer be buying the product, and that means the goods have to be made.  To be made they have to be profitable, otherwise why bother?

I am sick to death of listening to politicians talk as if they are generously allowing us to have some meager portion of THEIR money.  As if we didn't own a thing.

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