01 September 2011

Kilted to Kick Cancer!

Ambulance Driver has a bit of a contest going (Including the rules and such).

Kilted to Kick Cancer

Click HERE to donate to PCF.

Click HERE to donate to Livestrong.  I've set a meager goal of $500 here.  That's like $15 per reader on average; easily attainable.

Me with a woman who is not my wife.

You knew with a name like McThag, I had a kilt.


  1. May I say the kilt looks right at home on you. McThag—yeah, kinda figured when AD mentioned your name that you ate haggis. I like the colors prominent in your plaid.

  2. Mac, thanks for jumping into the mix!

  3. The plaid is just run of the mill Blackwatch. My family tartan looks like dog vomit and it's super expensive on top of it.

    I am happy to add my meager contribution to a worthy cause. I'm not running with the big dogs by any means, but I hope that every little bit does some good.


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