17 September 2011

I am pre-fashionable again

NFL goes TSA on the fans.

I got wind of this from Jay.

I agree, fuck the NFL.

But I felt that way about them after watching how they screw over all the local populace on stadiums. Never mind the overpriced every damn thing for sale inside.  Never mind the crime wave that follows a statistically significant percentage of the players.

All of that being on top of the fact that I never played the game and have absolutely no interest in watching others play.

The decision will have absolutely no impact on NFL's sales.  The kind of idiot who lives vicariously through the local (or not so local) professional sports team will gladly submit to any indignity to cheer on "their" team.

At least nobody can hijack a stadium and fly it into a building.

A subtext of this is, "If you continue to treat me like a criminal when I am innocent; what is my incentive to remain so?"  If I am to be treated like a criminal, why do I not begin to act as one?

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