09 September 2011


Something occurs to me about the violence prone unions.  In the past they fought the industrialists, who really did want them as workers, and the police, who really preferred to arrest them.

They've never started one of their little wars with anyone who doesn't give a shit about their being alive tomorrow.

One thing about a conceal carry permit is that it tends to focus ones mind on the legality of when I can or can't shoot.

I've read a great deal about labor's formative years.  Heard a lot about it too from Great Grampa (a labor organizer from Italy pre-Mussolini).  Self defense laws don't have a "unless it's a union mob" exemption.

I know how long I would last against an ax handle bare-fisted so I am not going to go bare-knuckle.  Besides; an ax handle is a lethal weapon so I am allowed to reply with deadly force.

The second focused mind part of the CCW was that I had to make the decision to shoot someone a long time ago.  The decision has already been made.  The idea here is that you don't have time to consider all the moral implications of using lethal force when it's time to do so.

I also just realized that I discovered the Tea Party through Gun Blogs!  What are the odds that a significant number of the people at a Tea Party rally are carrying?  In light of the now stated threat I think I might just carry a less comfortable option next time.

Ball's in your court, Goons.

One last thing for the union goon to consider, the rallies are not a majority of the people who'd identify themselves as Tea Party members.  Five Percent.  Five percent is a number you need to internalize.  That's the percentage of any group of fighters can take as casualties before becoming combat ineffective. That's been true going all the way back to ancient Greece.  Wiping out a Tea Party rally will not hit the 5% mark; but rallyists fighting back could readily get more than 5% of the membership of a union who are willing to commit violence against a person.

This just never adds up to a loss for my side.  It's the neat thing about being on the "right" side of history.

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  1. Speaking in my capacity as a cold-blooded analyst, I think that Teamsters or other identifiably "union" goons attacking a TP rally would be a big mistake on their part, even if the thugs routed the tea-partiers. In this day and age, keeping the incident quiet would be a hopeless cause, even if the MSM tried real hard. There's too many cameras around and the Internet's everywhere.

    Watching people very much like themselves being beaten and assaulted by union goons would do a lot to radicalize people who're sitting on the fence.


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