24 September 2011

Gov. Perry

Your roundabout explanation of in-state tuition for illegals pisses me off.

Blaming the Fed-Gov for not doing their job at the border as a means of justifying your incentivizing them to come over is wrong headed.

I am less concerned with how much tuition they are paying than why they are allowed to register at all.

Only two things are going to end the illegal problem:  Making it physically impossible to get here (very difficult) or making it so they don't want to come here.

To make them not want to come here would mean making their lives unpleasant while here.  Don't let them into college.  Don't let them get utilities in their names.  Don't let them sign leases.  Don't let them work.  Punish the snot out of utilities, land-lords and employers who do business with them and you will see change.  I know this to be true because it worked for Eisenhower.

I can't talk about this topic without mentioning Ron Paul.  He'd like to open that border right on up.  If the rest of the world wasn't operating on the Nation-State model, that might be OK.  But if we open our side, Mexico will not reciprocate.  Plus, it's not just Mexicans who are wanting to get in and not every illegal-alien wants to come here to get a job.  At present the Ron Paul open border paradigm is, "I'll leave the front door open and won't steal from MY neighbors," while your neighbors are cut-throats and thieves.

If the borders were more secure we could reasonably argue to end the TSA chickenshit by saying, "if someone is in the country; then they're good-to-go."


  1. A better answer would have been something like: "Look, people, Texas is a sovereign state and has the right to set rules within its own borders. The legislature of the people of Texas passed that bill and I didn't feel right overriding them. If other states want to do it differently, fine and dandy."

  2. Except for that ass-wipe that sits in Washington, The Constitution, says NO the states can't control their borders. That's reserved for the Feds.

    I want that paper to stop being bog-fodder and that means following all the rules.


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