28 September 2011

Less Democracy?

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Properly speaking, I agree.  Less democracy, more republic.  Check the constitution, it explained how that worked.

Commonly speaking.  FUCK YOU.

Our system of government works, you have to let it.  It's the constant meddling in the process that's got us where we are today.

When you add Orzag's article to Governor Perdue's statement; you have to wonder if someone is planning something.

I have mentioned, occasionally, that if the constitution doesn't mean what it says then our government is not legitimate.  Standing for elections is mentioned in the constitution as being required.  No elections, and I will consider the government as resigned and a constitutional convention called.

That means that all the laws were just nullified too.

It should mean a shooting war because the idiots in government are sure to disagree with my assessment.  It should mean the military should fulfill their oath on the "or domestic" portion.


I doubt that there will be more than a handful of people who take arms.  Many of us will rage on the internet but not be able to actually do anything.

1 comment:

  1. The real solution is to shut down the Democratic and Republican parties, by voting their minions out of office. I'm reading "The Conservative
    Revolution" by Nelson Hultberg, and it is confirming my sneaking suspicion that I AM A FUCKING RADICAL!


    What's really sad is that being a moderate who puts the Constitution first, is considered radical. WTF?


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